LOOK! LISTEN! SMELL! TASTE! TOUCH! – and – Think of tomorrow! Perceive the environment by using the multi-sensory green event marketing.

iFairPeople sets a high value on stylish events and multi-sensory marketing. Many scientists recommend, especially in connection with sales and consulting, activating all senses of the customer. Therefore, we cultivate the habit of integrating the greenovative sense in our concepts. The style of our events can be communicated at different levels:

Visual Marketing

The complete event design, the lighting, the body language and even the looks of the parties can act contradictorily on the potential customers. Especially at a trade fair, these factors are decisive in whether your booth is visited or not.

  • Our offer: unique decoration, aesthetic consulting for exhibition booths, unique outfits from young designersDeko-Event-Design-300x210

Audio Marketing

What kind of music or sounds do you choose for your event? Which type of communication is used? All of these factors can be used as an ear-catcher.

  • Our offer: optimal acoustic and / or technical solutions

Scent Marketing

Would you like to be positive remembered positively by customers and guests? As the Mother Nature itself, you could also communicate with scents! Fragrance experiences act like beautiful music. In the proper placement and location it can trigger memories and emotions and directly affect the buying and negotiation decisions.

  • Our offer: professional application and consultancy, guerrilla marketing concepts

Gustatory Marketing

The sense of taste will assume the lead role, especially at a tasting promotion campaign or a party. How can you offer “tasty” experiences?

  • Our offer: target group oriented display concepts for your products

Tactile  Marketing

A sheet of paper that feels good is of great importance to us. How can you sell products with a different packaging or manufacturing material?

  • Our offer: creative solutions for your promotional event

Greenovativ Marketing

Recycling and upcycling is just a concept that we are pursuing in our collaboration with young designers. We take special care to ensure that our cooperations are based on sustainable trade and transparency.

  • Our offer: remarkable design concepts for your exhibitions

Our events with a focus on design communication can achieve positive long-term effects. Would you like to be positively surprised?