iFairPeople brings a fresh perspective and helps your company find better ways to make your events more efficient and gain profitable results. Upon your request, we follow the concepts of green events to achieve the highest possible satisfaction of all parties.

You plan to attend a trade fair / exhibition / conference / congressEvent-Management-GK-300x234 and need detailed information or an expected cost calculation? We offer you a customized exhibition concept and the complete controlling from strategic planning to implementation in detail in order to achieve the optimal trade show, without neglecting environmental and economic aspects.

Are you considering a cross-cultural event for your international guests? We offer you the strategic management of your event and the multi-sensual approach of the potential or already existing collaborations and partnerships, as well as a smooth implementation focusing on your company revenue-generating accents. Our experience has shown that unforgettable events can develop into sustainable messages.

Ever spotted a bored employee at a company party? We plan, organize and manage experiential-oriented corporate / consumer events, kick-offs, get-togethers, incentives, outdoor events or business trips. Our events are action-enhancing and sustainable. We place great emphasis on the development of team orientation, team building and value increase. The interaction between the participants motivates and provides impulses for result-oriented communication measures thanks to a custom-developed program for you and your employees.

Do you want to promote a new product or service at an optimal cost-benefit ratio with measurable results? You want a concept for a POS/POI promotion or a promotion campaign for tasting, consultancy, sales or sampling? In order to support your sales and promotion sustainably, we can design for you projects that are based on innovative and strategic live marketing with face-to-face communication. Our customized and targeted promotions campaigns are directed towards the customer´s wants and needs in order to positively influence purchase decisions. On request, we can elaborate a performance analysis of the implementation process.

Our main goals and your benefits include the following:

  • consulting, planning, implementation and post-processing of the events
  • development of creative and individual concepts
  • advisory service and evaluation of the location
  • sales growth, optimization of the ROI(return-on-investment) and ROE(return-on-environment)
  • customer loyalty by buying and decision-making incentive
  • activate the employee motivation and team spirit
  • increase employee loyalty and company morale

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